Studying abroad, meeting with foreign students, visiting partner schools - all these elements are the basis for Erasmus +. We realize that this is a great opportunity to improve language skills, gain confidence, become independent, broaden your horizons, make new friends and learn new cultures.


Erasmus+ is an educational programme of the European Union for the period 2014-2020 which supports cooperation and mobility in all spheres of education, training and sport, youth and informal education. Erasmus + is open to students, teachers, trainees, volunteers, youth leaders and officials of amateur sports organizations. It can also provide funding for the partnership of educational institutions, youth organizations, businesses, local and regional authorities and non governmental organizations, as well as reforms in Member States to modernize education and training and promote innovation, entrepreneurship and employment.

Erasmus + our school has been engaged since 2015. It builds on the previous Comenius project in which we took part from 2009. Overall, we have been involved in three two-year projects.

The first project (2009-2011) was focused on professions in Europe (Matières en Europe). The language of communication in the project was French and we cooperated with schools from France, Lithuania, Romania and Portugal.

The second project (2011-2013) called “Volunteers at Schools.” Its language of communication was English and we cooperated with schools from Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Italy.

The third project Erasmus + (2015-2017) was called “Active Citizenship and Environmental Awareness through Formal and Non-formal Education.” It focused
on teaching environmental issues in various subjects, doing projects in this area and active citizenship. The project was conducted in English and we were collaborating with schools from England, Romania, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Portugal.

Our school applied for the Erasmus+ grant focusing on the professional develoment of the teaching staff.  
The project: "Project Based Learning and Entrepreneurship-innovation and modern pedagogy as the key factors of the successful educational institution" is based on the needs of our school and its strategic planning in the field of the support of projects based on the learning and entrepreneurship across the school education programs. The participants (pedagogical staff of the school) will, due to chosen courses, gain or deepen their knowledge to be able to apply a new style of teaching and like this, they will develop the key competences and soft skills of the students that are needed for the life in the 21st century. 
Within the Comenius project we have also made several long-term, individual student exchanges which always lasted 3 months. In 2010 six French students were studying at our school, and in 2012 three students from Romania. Two of our students then were studying in France for three months in 2013, and another two students were studying at our partner school in Rome.
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