Summer Fun Camp

Time and place: 18 – 24/08/2018, Horní Bečva, hotel Duo,

All other organizational things are mentioned in attached documents and below.


Confirmation – please, email me your confirmation of participation. Just add your home address, please. If you decide to apply, then, please follow the payment instruction stated in the attached document Safety Rules and Parents Consent Form Summer Fun Camp 2018”.


The price 6000 CZK includes accommodation, full-board, outdoor and indoor activities, staff, material.


What is it about?


During the day, the programme includes followng activities:

- one or two 90-minute sessions, different topics, easy and entertaining content with all teachers in the groups of 8-10 participants.

- an outdoor activity – it is up to every pupil to decide whether she/he will participate or not. Two groups will be joined together.

- after the dinner, there will be team cooperative games and teambuilding activities

- free time: basketball, table tennis, table football, snooker, taking a rest

- during the whole time, all participants will be under teachers’ supervision {except the free time]. All outdoor activities fulfills the safety criteria

More information follows:

Safety and behaviour - in attachment, see the document Safety Rules and Parents Consent Form Summer Fun Camp 2018. Please, print it out, go through it and if you agree with all the rules within your daughter’s/son’s stay at the Camp, sign it and bring it to Mr Michalík (office A305 or the secretary office, Ms Žaneta Kubátková A303) or you can send them by post to the school address 1st International School of Ostrava – mezinárodní gymnázium, s.r.o., Gregorova 3, 702 00 Ostrava or you can scan it (signed) and email it to

Registration and opening of the Camp – the registration will start on 18/08 at 2 p.m. and will last till 3.30 p.m. Then, SUMMER FUN CAMP 2018 will officially start and parents might be present at this time. Then, the program will start. At the registration, participants will be accommodated, they will be told what group they belong to and will get a small useful present for next days. Also, you will be asked to show your daughter’s /son’s health insurance card and you will hand over your bicycle to the Camp Staff.

The journey and arrival – all participants have to arrange the travel by themselves. It is a very simple travel from Ostrava, see the attachment ‘Hotel Duo ENG’. You may arrive anytime during the registration.


The departure time is on the last day, ie. on Friday 24/08 from 9.30 to 10.30 a.m.

What shall I bring with me? - see the attachment ‘2018 List of Necessary Things ENG’. It will help you to pack your luggage.

More information – do not hesitate to ask about the organization and program the Camp Coordinators


Robert Michalík

+420 608 862 652


Ivo Helebrant

+420 725 078 334

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