Marta Sukeníková

Spanish, German
29.1. 2017

I come from Opava but I like to work in Ostrava, as it is becoming quite an international city - and not only thanks to our international school. So the reason why I teach at ISO is obvious: I like meeting people of different nationalities, may it be teachers or students. I spent quite a big part of my university studies in Germany, where I enriched my language knowledge and also got to know a lot of people from various countries of the world, I travelled a lot and gained a great experience for life. I decided to study in Spain after my graduation and the time spent there had again an enormous impact on my future personal and professional life. This is why I have always felt this need to share my knowledge and show the students how important and beneficial it is to speak a foreign language and how good it feels when you understand somebody who does not speak your language.

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