Marielba Mas y Rubi de Torres

Spanish and Physics
18.3. 2020

I have been a professor for more than 17 years at university level (Engineering and Master's Degree in Environment). The teaching caught my attention at the age of 9 years when my Math teacher motivated me to help a kid with problems in her studies. Even at that age I felt the same emotion I still feel in the classroom. Motivated by the curiosity of learning to transmit knowledge better, I did a Doctorate in Education. 

I have been in Ostrava for 2 years and during that time I have taught Spanish as a native speaker. I thank ISO for the opportunity to allow me to teach Physics and Spanish. My greatest satisfaction is that my former students, currently engineers, still remember me and write in gratitude for my lessons. 

For me, a teacher must be empathetic, optimistic, professional, creative, enthusiastic and even an artist because as teachers we can model our students with our example and dedication. We should remember that we also started once, and therefore we must have empathy and humility, we must transmit joy, knowledge, values and skills that allow our students to learn and grow both cognitively and emotionally.

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