Why we are here? 


The 1st International School of Ostrava - mezinárodní gymnázium was founded in 2005 as a dynamic and inspiring Czech secondary school devoted to preparing its students to use English as a tool in pursuit their dreams.

Since opening its doors, our mezinárodní gymnázium has grown from 16 students to over 160 today, studying in both the 4 and 8-year streams.

We combine the best of traditional Czech education with teaching and learning from an International perspective. Students are led to think independently and develop their critical-thinking, communications, and presentation skills, while also fostering a sense of respect for the wider world, and desire to participate in local and global events.

Since 2011, our mezinárodní gymnázium has been offering future graduates not only the Czech Maturita, but also the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Each year, our graduates receive offers from exceptional universities in the Czech Republic and around the world, in vast array of programmes.
Our mezinárodní gymnázium consists of two streams:
Our 8-year Gymnázium stream actively leads students aged 12-19 towards successful completion of the Czech Maturita, with the option of completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in cooperation with The Ostrava International School. Our students participate in a wide variety of community and volunteer projects, as well as school clubs and international exchanges. Czech Language and Literature as well as Geography and History in the early grades are taught in Czech.
Our 4-year Gymnázium stream is open to students aged 15-19 who have completed their primary education. Our goal is to help our young adults, supported by a strong curriculum and challenging experiential learning projects, to become confident cosmopolitan citizens of the 21st Century.  Students in this stream prepare for the Czech Maturita by studying Humanities subjects in English, and Science subjects in Czech.